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Deeply rooted in our company is a sense of pride, integrity and ingenuity. Pettini's record of success, survival and aim to be the best in our industry is central to our reputation today. In 1989 Pettini Contracting Corporation began providing service to both the Public and Private Sectors. Since then Pettini Contracting has developed into a premier small business contractor for work including, Federal, State, Municipal and Private Industry. With an emphasis on solutions and efficiency our employees have proudly completed each project for our various clients throughout the Northeastern United States. It is only through the unique experience and skill of our employees that we continue the success we have maintained since 1989.




Pettini Contracting Corporation utilizes its resources to perform both traditional Bid - Build and alternative project procurement methods (Design - Build & CM/GC). This unique ability allows Pettini to perform projects of varying size and scope in several markets.


Pettini Contracting Corporation has gained insight into the industry by challenging its staff to complete new and diverse projects. This company outlook has lead our staff to complete several challenging projects including; a Tomahawk Missile Magazine (Storage Facility), Numerous Military Installation Maintenance Facilities, Work associated with Railway, High Speed Train Platforms, Heavy Site and Civil work and an expanding profile of Water & Waste Water facility projects. We take pride in our employees foresight and ambition in providing superior and adaptive professional services to all our clients. 




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